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2017年4月29日 (土)

2017/04/29 Pale Moon 27.3.0 来てるっぱね

こんばんぱ かっぱだっぱ

Firefox派生タブブラウザ PaleMoonの話っぱの
The Pale Moon Project homepage


前記事は2017/03/19 Pale Moon 27.2.0 来たっぱね

「フィンガーキャンバスプリント」の件で気になる人は2015/07/29 PaleMoon 25.6.0 来てたっぱね記事参照だの

XPの人は、「Pale Moon forum • View topic - End of support for PM4XP 」を参照の事
+最近のリリースに関係してPale Moon 26 and POSReady2009 - Pale Moon forumも参照の事Pale Moon 27.0.0からXP対応していないので注意


Pale Moon - Release Notes


27.3.0 (2017-04-28)

A major development update. Many things have changed in the media back-end, but please understand that some things are still a work in progress, and you may still encounter some html5 video playback issues with MSE.



  • Fixed up, checked and enabled vertical text writing modes!
    Pale Moon will now be able to display vertical, right-to-left script.
  • Added the option to reset non-default profiles.
  • Fixed various issues in the WebP image decoder.
  • Added internally-supported document types to allowed <embed> types.
  • Fixed locale selection in ICU after update to ICU58.
    (Note: Pale Moon uses the system locale for date formatting, not the browser locale)
  • Re-implemented the previous spellchecker dictionary logic (allow user override of document/element language, improve logic and make it unambiguous).
  • Ongoing fixes for the MP4 parser and MSE.
  • Made HTML Media Elements' preload attribute MSE-spec compliant.
    The preload attribute on HTML media elements is now ignored in the case of an MSE source. This prevents an issue with sourceopen not firing when preload="none".
  • Fixed some issues with Windows WMF media playback.
  • Fixed an issue with Synced preferences sometimes overwriting stored individual preferences.
  • Fixed display of RSS folder icons.
  • Fixed issues with custom context menus.
  • Fixed an issue importing bookmarks with separators losing their extra data.
  • Changed the way numeric addresses are handled in the address bar so it doesn't perform a search when it shouldn't.
  • Added an option (browser.sessionstore.cache_behavior) to control from which source restored tabs pull their page content:
    0 = load restored tab data from cache (current behavior, default)
    1 = refresh restored tab data from the network
    2 = refresh stored tab data from the network and bypass any cached data.
  • Improved upon a v27 performance regression with SVG scaling.
  • Improved performance by being more selective which CSS animations to process.
    As a side-effect, elements changing their display from "none" to something visible now also animate.
  • Increased memory allocation for the use of very large PAC files.
  • Added menu entries for the permissions manager and improvements to its function and display.
  • Added preferences to control "highlight all" behavior of the find bar:
              accessibility.typeaheadfind.highlightallbydefault = true/false highlight all found words by default.
              accessibility.typeaheadfind.highlightallremember = true/false remember the last-used state of Highlight All.
  • Added devtools command-line options.
  • Added remote IP and protocol to Devtools->Network entry details.
  • Added support for <details> and <summary> HTML tags.
  • Fixed a regression in the MSIE profile migrator.
  • Removed migration of browser-specific settings when migrating data from IE/Safari.
  • Implemented optional parameters for permessage-deflate in preparation for RFC7692 errata making acceptance of them mandatory (and to prevent web compat issues doe to the current conflicting text of it).
  • Made the image document favicon skinnable.        
  • Aligned DOM selection addRange with the spec.
  • Exposed mozAnon constructor js binding to system scopes for XHR.
  • Enhanced form data handling from JavaScript.

Security/privacy changes:

  • Updated NSS to 3.28.4-RTM to address a number of issues.
  • Added support for RSA-AES(-GCM)-SHA256/384 suites to broaden compatibility.
  • Reconfigured networking security: disabled static DHE suites by default, enabled all RSA-AES(-GCM)-SHA256/384 suites in their stead.
  • Fixed referrer policy keyword to align with the current spec ("cross-origin" vs "crossorigin").
  • Added an option to display punycode domain for IDN websites to combat phishing.
    This is enabled by default for domain-validated https sites.
    Preference: browser.identity.display_punycode
    0 = Display IDN name in identity panel (previous behavior)
    1 = Display punycode name for DV SSL domains (default)
    2 = Also display punycode for HTTP sites if IDN name used
  • Fixed an issue to prevent contacting remote servers when a connection might get blocked.
  • Fixed 3 public security flaws in libevent, which may affect Mozilla-based products. DiD
  • Fixed several memory- and thread-safety hazards.
  • Fixed an address bar spoofing issue. (CVE-2017-5451)          
  • Fixed a potentially exploitable crash with HTTP/2. (CVE-2017-5446)
  • Fixed several security hazards in XSLT processing. (CVE-2017-5438) (CVE-2017-5439)           (CVE-2017-5440)
  • Fixed several security hazards in old protocols. (CVE-2017-5444) (CVE-2017-5445)
  • Fixed out-of-bounds access in text formatting. (CVE-2017-5447)
  • Fixed a potentially exploitable issue with innerText. (CVE-2017-5442)
  • Fixed a potentially exploitable issue in graphite font shaping.
  • Fixed a potentially exploitable crash with credential-authentication.
  • Fixed out-of-bounds access with text selection in rare cases.
  • Fixed a security hazard in the ANGLE library.


うーん(・Θ・ 例によってセキュリティアップデート関係もあるのでアップデート大事!は変わらないっぱが・・

-Pale Moonは、右から左への縦書きのスクリプトを表示できるようになりました。

browser.sessionstore.cache_behavior )を追加しました。

0 =復元されたタブデータをキャッシュからロードする(現在の動作、デフォルト)
1 =復元されたタブデータをネットワークからリフレッシュする
2 =ネットワークから保存されたタブデータをリフレッシュし、キャッシュされたデータをバイパスします。


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